24 novembre 2020

Flat-Earthers Spent $20,000 To Prove The Earth Is Flat, But Accidentally Ended Up Proving The Earth Is Round

documentary from 2018 titled Behind the Curve is showing us that Flat Earthers are nothing else but people with creative minds and ‘logic.’ And, after all, they even claim that our planet has the form of a donut, using pretty fascinating mental gymnastics in order to come to this point.
this documentary , shows the ridiculousness about the Flat Earthers from around the world.

they prove themselves wrong in the documentary not just once, but twice. indeed, their ridiculousness goes that far!

Mark Sargent said that science has a huge problem in combating what they have done. He claimed that he could see the Seattle skyscrapers when he is at his mother’s home, which is on the Whidbey Island, which he presumes are supposed to be hidden somewhere behind the curvature of the Earth. He continued:

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