24 novembre 2020

Hate Crime & Racism By Teens in NYC.

Damn humans really hate humans!

A jazz pianist, Tadataka Unno, was brutaly hit by a teenage boy as soon he arrived at the ticket gate of the downtown Manhattan station from work.

This Hate Crime, which left the victim with multiple injuries, occurred at a subway station near his home around 7:35 p.m. on Sept. 27.

he was then chased and beaten by a group of eight boys and girls, While he try to escape the station, whom he heard say the word “Chinese.”

This Tokyo-born musician, who was rushed to the emergency room, suffered fractures in his shoulder and right arm, a broken collarbone and bruises all over his body including his head, according to Press.

It’s unclear why exactly they attack him, but the group reportedly claimed that Unno had touched one of them.

because of his injuries,the jazz pianist has not played for at least a week after the incident, and he reportedly suffers from trauma.

He couldn’t even hold his newborn son as well. How he will be able to provide for his family all they need now that his main source of income has been put on hold is a source of concern for many.

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