25 novembre 2020

Men vs. Women: The Physical Differences Explained

Square vs. heart-shaped faces

The more testosterone a man has, the stronger his brow, cheekbones and jaw line. for now, the more estrogen a woman has, the wider her face, fuller her lips and the higher her eyebrows. In short, sexual hormones control the divergence of male and female facial features.

Along with chiseled jaws, higher testosterone has been shown to correspond with muscle strength and aggression in men, as well as with genetic vigor. possibly for this reason, studies have shown that women judge men with more angular features as likely to be dominant over men with rounder, more effeminate faces.

They also tend to rate men with masculine features as more attractive, especially when they themselves are ovulating and, thus (at least subconsciously) on the lookout for a male sex partner who’ll produce fit offspring. When they’re looking for a long-term partner, on the other hand, studies show that women tend to prefer men with more effeminate features, who have less testosterone and are likely to be more loyal partners and caring fathers.

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