30 novembre 2020

Men vs. Women: The Physical Differences Explained

Muscular vs. curvy

Men are, in the most case, more muscular than women. Women are just over half as strong as men in their upper bodies, and about 2/3 as strong in their lower bodies. [What’s the Strongest Muscle In the Human Body? ]

While the male metabolism burns calories faster, the female metabolism tends to convert more food to fat. Women store the extra fat in their breasts, hips, buttocks, and as subcutaneous fat in the bottom layer of their skin giving a woman’s skin its softer, plumper feel.

Male and female bodies are well-designed for each gender’s role in a primitive society. Women are built for carrying and birthing children, and must have wider hips and keep extra fat in store for the ordeal of pregnancy. Men, free from the requirements of childbirth, benefit from being as strong and lithe as possible, both in their search for food, and when in competition with other men.

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