23 novembre 2020

Monster of Guaianases São Paulo Most Brutal Serial Killer

Full Name: Benedito Moreira de Carvalho
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: August 10, 1908
Place of Birth: Tambaú – SP
Number of victims: 11 +
Reason: Sexual
Date of death: 1976
How he died: heart attack in the cafeteria of the judicial asylum


Benedito Moreira de Carvalho was born on August 10, 1908, in Tambaú, São Paulo. His mother died when giving birth to him, He suffered in his childhood by the attitude of his father, who frequently beat him with the “armadillo tail” ring, a small whip made of braided leather. He also used a broomstick or any type of stick.
He left home at 16, when he settled in Araçatuba. There he worked as a carreiro (ox cart driver), waiter and dishwasher.
He suffered from several venereal diseases, including gonorrhea, venereal cancer and inguinal adenitis.
In September 1941, in the neighborhood of Penha, committed a violent attack on indecency. He was sentenced to two years and 11 months in prison.
In 1943, due to a work accident, he lost the first two phalanges of the index finger of his left hand.
In July 1946, in the attack that became known as “Crime da Estrada da Peninha”, he grabbed the youngest Naomi, 16 years old. She resisted and Benedito strangled her, dragged her into the woods and raped her. When he was arrested, he identified himself with a false name, Joaquim Moreira de Carvalho. He was sentenced to six years in prison, a sentence later reduced by the Court to three years and six months in prison. He was released on parole in December 1949.
On January 25, 1951, Judith suffered an attempted rape by Benedito, in Poá. On the first of August 1951, he tried to rape the sisters Dalila and Berenice and raped the girl Sulamita, all were minors. On August 18, 1951, again in Poá, he attacked the girl Dina, 13 years old. He dragged her into the bush, but the rape was stopped  by the arrival of a boy at the scene.
On September 6, 1951 Benedito was arrested in flagrante delicto when he invaded Edna’s house in Itaquera do Campo. Benedito used a belt to tighten her neck, but the girl managed to scream. Frightened, he ran away, but was chased and arrested by people.

he was released in November 1951, Less than a month later, on December 21, he raped Lidia in São Bernardo do Campo.
In 1952, the series of homicides committed by Benedito Moreira de Carvalho began, who until then had behaved like a rapist.

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