4 décembre 2020

Monster of Guaianases São Paulo Most Brutal Serial Killer

Some Crimes

When Benedito was arrested, he confessed to ten of his rapes, eight of them followed by murder.

Case of Vila Diadema
Date: February 26, 1952
Victim: Tamara
Age: minor
Crime: rape and homicide

Benedito took the bus in the morning to look for a job at a sawmill. He got off at Vila Conceição and started walking. He walked about 7 or 8 kilometers, but he couldn’t find the place he was looking for. Then he started back on the same road. It was after thirteen when he saw a young girl walking in front of him. He quickened his pace, took the lead and, after 50 meters, started walking back towards him. When he crossed paths with the girl, he stopped and invited her into the bush. She repelled him. Faced with this attitude, he squeezed her neck and dragged her into the bush. According to his account, « the girl screamed a little ». When he realized that his victim was regaining consciousness, he repeated the same proposal and was once again repelled by her. In anger, he choked and raped her. He left the place thinking that Tamara is still a

case of Parelheiros
Date: April 7, 1952
Victim: Gertrudes Dunzinger
Age: 29 years old
Crime: rape and homicide

Benedito took the bus to Santo Amaro at eight in the morning at Anhangabaú park. Arriving there, after a short time, he took another bus to Parelheiros. As he passed by a school, he asked the driver if it was “Casa Grande” and got out. He walked a secondary road and passed another school. On the way back, in front of a Japanese farm, he saw a blonde girl who appeared to be a foreigner. He climbed a ravine, waited for her to pass and began to follow. He approached and proposed that the woman should go into the forest with him. Repelled, he continued to follow her until he passed a second gate. This time, he took her by the arm. She screamed. He immediately put his hand over her mouth and wrapped a string around her neck. He dragged her to the right side of the path, entering with a bite, and then raping her.
The woman was carrying a bag of bread, apples, small packages and a can. Benedito ate the apples and returned the same way. He saw an old man who had already crossed his path on the way. He greeted him and left. Two buses later it was back to João Mendes square.

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