4 décembre 2020

Monster of Guaianases São Paulo Most Brutal Serial Killer

Case of Estrada da Juta
Date: May 26, 1952
Victim: Ester
Age: 12 years old
Crime: rape and homicide

Early on, Benedito took the bus to Vila Carrão and then to São Mateus. Then he took a ride to Santo André. In the vicinity of a farm, he asked the driver to stop and got out. Then he came back on foot and found a Japanese girl carrying a school folder. He advanced on her, squeezed her neck, strangling her, and after crossing a barbed wire fence, he dragged the fainting girl into the scrub beside the road. He raped her, using petroleum jelly from a can he was carrying with him. Then he covered the corpse with her clothes and went back to the road, walking to São Mateus. Went home.

Case of Cumbica
Date: May 28, 1952
Victim: Maria de Lourdes Alves
Age: 18 years old
Crime: attempted rape

Early in the morning, at six o’clock in the morning, Benedito took the bus first to Guarulhos and then to Cumbica. At a stop, just before the Air Force Base, he saw a young woman accompanying a minor to the bus. Noting that she was alone, on the road, and that the place was suitable for his plans, he disembarked and followed the girl along the path she was walking on, to the right of the road. After about 200 meters, he started a conversation and asked if Maria de Lourdes lived there. She said yes. A little later, Benedito proposed to have sex. Repelled, he grabbed her by the neck and dragged her into a scrub beside the path. He never consummated the sexual act. He lost his desire when he realized that the girl had a smelly discharge. He left the young girl faint and, after punching her in the face, left.

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