4 décembre 2020

Monster of Guaianases São Paulo Most Brutal Serial Killer

Case of Barueri
Date: June 20, 1952
Victim: Rebeca
Age: 12 years old
Crime: rape

Benedito left home towards Barueri, where he hoped to find a healer appointed by a friend. He walked aimlessly and stopped at a bar to drink milk. Then he was in a pottery, near the Parnaíba road, from where he headed towards a hill. From the top, he saw a Japanese girl accompanied by a boy, perhaps her brother, who was carrying a liter in her hand. Determined to possess her, she approached and tried to drive the boy away, causing him to take a message to a truck driver who was at the nearby pottery. He was reluctant, but relented. When he was alone with the girl, Benedito accompanied her in the direction she was going. A little further on, he entered the forest with her and told her to lie down. As she did not accept it, Benedito squeezed her neck until she fainted and fell. According to his testimony, he did not consume the rape because the girl was menstruating. He said he only inserted the penis lightly into her vagina. He left her lying, alive, and left.

Case of Parade XV de Novembro
Date: July 21, 1952
Victim: Mercília Oliveira de Souza
Age: 18 years old
Crime: rape and homicide

After getting off the train, around thirteen hours, Benedito was in a bar and then “ possessed of sexual desire ”, took a shortcut. At the end of the path, he saw a chapel, on the threshold of which he sat and rested.
He started walking again until he found the house he was looking for, where he saw a lady and a girl. He asked for a glass of water and talked for a while with the older woman, asking about some blacks who lived there. She said the family had moved. Benedito decided to return the same way. That was when he saw, a few hundred meters away, an 18-year-old brunette girl carrying plums in her hands. He lost sight of her for some time, only to find her in a poorly finished hut.
He greeted her, went through the gate and from the window asked her to find some cane seedlings for him. The girl replied that the sugar cane was not hers, but offered to take it to the owner of the plantation, who lived nearby. When the girl, already outside, closed the door to accompany him, Benedito made him a sexual proposal, which was promptly repelled. He grabbed her neck, dragged her for a few meters and picked up some ropes that were on the floor, strangling her with them. He dragged the young woman by the rope, took her to a grove that was about 50 meters from the hovel and raped her while she was faint. Then he loosened the knot and noticed that his victim was still alive. He ran away from the back of the farm and went to the train station. He said in his testimony that the girl screamed when attacked.

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