4 décembre 2020

Monster of Guaianases São Paulo Most Brutal Serial Killer

Rudge Ramos Ranch Cases
Date: August 2, 1952
Victim: Raquel
Age: 10 years
Crime: rape and homicide

Victim: Abraão
Age: 8 years
Crime: violent indecency

On that Saturday of 1952, Benedito woke up with a kind of chill, like a chill that it didn’t pass. Immediately came the thought and the urge to have sex. It was impractical with his wife. She suffered from many illnesses, which made it impossible to have sex whenever she wanted to. The problem was how much he wanted; in fact I never stopped wanting. He had already seen a doctor and several healers, but no medicine or tea had diminished his manhood. Nothing made his sex drive go away.
That morning, Benedito dressed in the dark so as not to wake his wife. He put on his hat, lowered the brim so his face was not easily seen, picked up his briefcase and left.
When he left, he reassured himself that it was still dark. It would not raise suspicion; the city was still asleep. He continued on foot to D. Pedro II park, thinking about the direction he would take to find an appropriate place to act. We decided on the yellow bus on the São João Clímaco line.
After a while, looking out the window, he realized that it was already at the height of the Civil Guard post that was at the beginning of via Anchieta. He immediately got off the bus. This place was deserted enough for him to act, but not so much that it prevented him from finding prey. The chills and chills continued.
Benedito was walking along the road, eyes narrowed by hunters trying to spot a game. He saw, on his right, the entrance sign of the Rudge Ramos farm. He knew that there was a lake and many Japanese houses there. He loved Japanese girls.
He walked a few meters, crossed a donkey, passed several houses. In the distance, coming towards you, Raquel, 10 years old. The little Japanese girl was small and must have been going to school, since she was carrying a folder, which Benedito would certainly take as a souvenir, if possible.
He preferred women, but when he felt like that day, nothing mattered. I didn’t even think about the girl’s suffering, just about having sex with her.
When Raquel passed him, he quickly grabbed her by the neck. He took a string from the suitcase, with the loop ready, and constricted the girl’s neck until she passed out.
Benedito dragged Raquel into the bush that surrounded the road. He took the child’s clothes off and tried to penetrate him with his member. Failed. The vagina was too small, and it bulged. In a hurry to satisfy himself, he spat in his own hand and moistened the girl’s sex. Even so, it took a lot of effort. Finally he ejaculated, but the long-awaited relief did not come. Benedito then entered her again. When he finished, he looked at the faint little girl. He examined his face carefully and checked his pulse. I was alive. He collected Raquel’s clothes and covered them with them. Raquel later died from the injuries caused by Benedito in his brutal attack.
Benedito left without looking back, still uneasy, dissatisfied. He picked up some branches of cambuci and herb-de-bicho to make tea when he got home. I still got goosebumps.
On the way back, he saw a boy playing with a bottle and a cart. Immediately the pulsations returned; the desire grew unbearably.
Benedito called the little boy and asked his name. He replied that it was Abraham, and that he was 8 years old. Trying to win his sympathy, Benedito told him that he knew his father. The boy smiled, embarrassed, holding his toys tightly. Benedito then proposed to the boy to accompany him by shortcut in exchange for some money. Without realizing his real intentions, he agreed. At that age, it would never occur to the child that that well-dressed man would do him any harm.
Abraão and Benedito entered through the shortcut and crossed a barbed wire gate, reaching the bush. Seeing himself alone, without seeing the road anymore, the boy was afraid. He dropped the toys on the floor and tried to run. There was no time. Benedito grabbed him by the neck until he fainted. She laid him on the floor, stripped off his clothes and sodomized him.
After verifying that the boy was still alive, Benedito threw the toys away to make it difficult to locate them. He hurriedly returned to via Anchieta and took a bus from São Bernardo do Campo to Dom Pedro II park. It was still nine o’clock in the morning, and he would tell his wife that he had not found work that day.

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