4 décembre 2020

Monster of Guaianases São Paulo Most Brutal Serial Killer

Case of Itaquaquecetuba
Date: August 18, 1952
Victim: Ruth
Age: 10 years
Crime: rape and homicide

That day Benedito got off the train at Aracaré station at nine in the morning. He took a shortcut and left at Rancho Grande, where he took guarana and stayed for some time. He went back to catch the train, but, as it was still going to take a while, he decided to return to Rancho Grande and catch a bus. On the way, at a steep point on the road, he met a black girl, Ruth.
Crossing her, he invited her to accompany him to the bush. Not realizing his intentions, Ruth accompanied him to the edge of capoeira. There, Benedito grabbed her by the neck and dragged her, faint, into the woods. After raping her, he left her leaning against a tree, in the shade, still showing signs of life, covered with her clothes and ran away.

Case of Sítio Invernada
Date: August 21, 1952
Victim: Miriam
Age: 15 years old
Crime: rape and homicide

Benedito went to Cumbica, where he would meet his friend Albino, enlisted in the Air Force. Upon arriving there, he learned that his friend had been expelled from the unit. He hitched a ride on a truck and got off 2 kilometers from Sítio Invernada, in Barreiro. He went on foot along the road to that place and passed several people along the way. Then he saw a young girl drawing water from a well on the left bank of the road. He approached and found that he was Japanese. He started a conversation. He asked if anyone in his family was at home. Miriam replied that no, they were all in the fields. So Benedito grabbed her by the neck, but this time it wouldn’t be so easy, because the resistance was great and the two fought until she was subdued. Miriam was knocked over and injured her face as a result of the fall. Then Benedito squeezed her neck and dragged her into the undergrowth. He put her on the floor, faint, and raped her. He did not undress the girl entirely. Ran away.

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