4 décembre 2020

Monster of Guaianases São Paulo Most Brutal Serial Killer

Police Jobs

The police obtained a search warrant to investigate Benedito’s home. The following evidence was found:

Three leather folders;
News of his crimes and others in newspaper clippings;
Various suits;
Gray hat as mentioned by the witnesses;
Catechism books;
Image of Santa Izildinha;
List handwritten in pencil, from Benedito’s own hand, with several notes;

Benedito Moreira de Carvalho made a “cash book” of his death crimes. Neighborhoods were marked according to their own references about the place, rather than the names known to the press.
According to the murderer himself, his notes were intended to prevent him from being held responsible for sexual crimes he had not committed.
Benedito never confessed to anal copulation and strangulation, his actions confirmed by medico-legal examinations. In the marks of manual strangulation left by the “Monster of Guaianases” on the neck of his victims, part of the index finger of his left hand, which Benedito had lost in a work accident, was always missing.
The contents of his briefcase also left no doubt about his goals for using looped cord.
When asked about it, he said that « that string » was used to make bundles of sticks and chips that he used to take home and use on the stove. The problem was that his wife categorically denied this statement, since the stove in his house was a charcoal stove. In fact, that type of rope is used in sawmills to tie rafters and slats, but the necropsies by Gertrudes Dunzinger and Raquel showed that the grooves found on their necks corresponded exactly to the thickness of Benedito’s cord.
Benedito’s biggest concern was that people would not believe he was sick. I didn’t want to be treated as a criminal, I wanted to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital. He confessed that he was unable to control the urges of violence when he was sexually aroused.
Regarding the leather folders found in his house, he declared that they were bought by him on Rua São Caetano, they were his.
The case of the “Monster of Guaianases” attracted all the attention and caused great commotion. His interrogations of each particular offense were made publicly, in a room of the Secretary of Public Security, and followed for days and days followed by a crowd of onlookers. Journalists questioned Benedito at will. Psychiatrists interested in the case went to interview him without the slightest embarrassment.
14 days after the first confession, Benedito, faced with the new evidence, confessed three more crimes.
The folder he said he bought a year earlier for Cr $ 34.00 (thirty-four cruzeiros), on Rua São Caetano, proved to cost much more than that. The suitcase tag took investigators to the factory, which estimated the sale price at least twice what it claimed to have paid.
To resolve the doubt, the police once again examined all sex crime investigations to see if in any case the victim’s suitcase had disappeared. In fact, in the case of Sarah (10), this had happened.
She had been raped and seriously injured the same day that the girl Ester was raped and killed on Estrada da Juta, in Santo André.
They were called to testify Sarah and her father, who recognized the portfolio, among four others, with all the formalities and witnesses.
The girl even indicated a note made in pencil that would be written inside the suitcase, probably the price in code. The victim’s father led the police to the store where he had bought it, and the seller recognized it among others, showing the handwritten note inside it.
At the same time, the criminal confessed two other crimes for having been recognized by witnesses: rape of Deborah (11) on May 5, 1952, in Vila Carrão, and Lea (11) on June 24, 1952, in Mauá.
Benedito did the recognition and the identification of all the places of the crimes. They showed the police, with impressive accuracy, the paths by which they arrived, the point where they had found the victim, the position in which they had stayed, the way back, the places where their bags had been and other objects.
It indicated, with extreme security, clearings, shortcuts, roads, houses, grasslands, fences – in short, all the details of each crime he committed. At Sítio Invernada, scene of his last murder, he recognized the place, despite the fact that the house had been demolished and the overall appearance of the place had changed. At the place where he killed Ester, Benedito was not to be confused even with the profound modification produced there by recent fires.
The Rebeca girl (12), despite the initial state of shock in which she was after Benedito’s attack on her, survived and was able to later identify her rapist and collaborate with more details on her behavior.
The violence of their crimes was such that their victims passed out during the attack. The victim’s physical exams revealed rupture of the vagina and anus, lesions (abrasions, furrows and bruises) on the neck and face, constriction of the throat, punches to the head, abrasions on the inner thighs and front of the legs, death of the victim of choking, strangulation or suffocation, in addition to bruises and abrasions on the breasts.
Benedito committed crimes against 29 victims: ten rapes followed by homicide, nine rapes, one violent indecent assault, one indecent assault, six rape attempts, one attempted rape and murder and one homicide.
Twenty-two of his victims of known age were minors. All, without exception, were attacked during the day. All places of crime were hidden, wilderness, hills covered with small vegetation, such as scrublands, clearings or scrubland.
When questioned, Marina Ferreira de Carvalho, Benedito’s wife, said she had no complaints from her husband. It seems that beside him his sexual impulses were not at all sick. He never noticed any anomaly or perversion in his conduct.
Mrs. Carvalho declared that Benedito was a worker and a good householder, supporting the home alone. She never knew for sure the reasons for her husband’s arrests and convictions. He knew vaguely that it was « trouble with girls ».
Life after imprisonment and death

Benedito had his preventive detention decreed on September 12, 1952 and went to the Judicial Asylum in São Paulo, today called Hospital de Custódia e Psiquiatrico Treatment “Professor André Teixeira Lima” by Franco da Rocha, on October 24, 1952.
The conclusion from all reports until his death, the patient suffered from psychosis and / or pseudopsychopathy due to brain injury, thus being a highly dangerous individual.
He was acquitted of his crimes due to nonimputability and kept the rest of his days in the asylum.
According to José Benedito Catalini, an employee of the institution since 1973, Benedito Moreira de Carvalho was authoritarian, dominant, meticulous and obedient. He was responsible for the section B patients’ cafeteria and a very tough boss with the other prisoners. The leadership of the inmates did not like the excess of authority that Benedito always used.
In 1975, Catalani watched the patient Armindo Pereira Alves, of the elite of the trickster at the time, attack Benedito’s life with a pocket knife. Benedito’s buttoned white shirt opened with the four or five stab wounds he took. His belly was cut like a fish’s when it was cleaned; guts and feces were exposed, and Benedito, holding his belly, walked 20 meters to the doctor’s office to seek help. Hospitalized for some time, he recovered completely.
According to Catalani, Benedito was always afraid to leave his unit. He feared being targeted for revenge on the part of his victims’ relatives. I was even more afraid of any oriental patient.
In 1976 he suffered a heart attack inside the cafeteria. As he was a trusted prisoner, the key was with him and the door was locked. After the break-in carried out by officials, Benedito still received help, but did not survive.
His wife, Marina, went to collect her belongings, which were summarized in a faux leather wallet, a wallet, a fountain pen, a pair of glasses with a case, ten packs of Parker cigarettes, a Diva wristwatch, wallet identity card, 2nd Battalion of Public Force of the 4th Company, birth certificate.
This was what remained of the dreaded Monster of Guaianases.

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