23 novembre 2020

Sex Education In U.S. States

it is mandatory in the District of Columbia and 25 other states to teach school children sex education. But just as many states (without or with mandatory sex-education) adapted laws that require teachers to stress abstinence as the best contraception method if they are teaching sex education.

22 states and D.C. have made both sex-education and information on HIV mandatory. In 13 more states,it is mandatory for schools to teach their students about HIV, but not about sex. That leaves 13 states that do not require any lessons on sexuality, contraception, STIs and HIV to be taught to their students. « According to the Guttmacher Institute and the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States »

The majority of states notify parents that sex ed will be on the curriculum – almost all give parents the possibility to opt out as well.Nevada, Arizona and Utah require parental consent before sex education classes start for students.


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