26 novembre 2020

The Infamous Conspiracy Of Area 51

What Is That Area 51?

I’m pretty sure everyone has already heard of it in some way or the other but just a basic description would be that Area 51 is a highly classified United States Air Force Base that came to be after World War 2.

It is located in Nevada in the USA. According to Public records, this is an open training range and is said to be used for the development and testing of aircraft. This specific base was kept in very high secrecy by the American Government and Military even though it has never been declared a « secret base ».

This is said to be because everything going on there is top secret and the existence of the base itself was only declared by the CIA for the first time in 2013.

The conspiracies related  to area 51.

The conspiracies related to this base are vast ranging, from aliens to time travel and even things like secret government organizations using it as their base of operations but, I’ll be talking about the paramount theory which is Aliens.

Due to its secrecy, it is suspected that the US government uses area 51 as a base to hide UFOs, research aliens, and much more.

Many people believe that the remains of crashed alien spacecraft are taken here to be tested and reverse engineered for use by the government and military.

To add more to this there have been cases wherein people who have supposedly worked at this reclusive base have claimed to have been commissioned to work on alien spaceships, for example, In 1989 Bob Lazar claimed, on Las Vegas News that he worked in a « Sector Four » within Area 51.

According to him, it was located underground near the base and that he was assigned to work on reverse engineering alien spacecraft kept within the base.

Bob Lazar’s claims really boosted the overall conspiracy and gave warrant to the many theorists already doubtful that Area 51 was hiding something extraterrestrial.

There have also been many sightings of strange flying objects or basically UFOs near the base but according to me, these can be chalked off because the base is actually used for new and advanced aircraft testing by the base and they can be mistaken for Alien spaceships by a layman.

Can we go to area 51?

Due to all of this secrecy and mystique in regards to the base, many people have tried to visit and go to the base as it is a decent drive of about 150km away from Las Vegas which Is a popular tourist destination.

In recent times Area 51 got a lot of News, Social, and just overall coverage due to the « Storm Area 51 » trend that came up.

It started off as a Facebook Page intended to be a joke but slowly gained popularity to the point where 1,500,000 people were interested in the event.

On 20th September a few thousand of those people went to the surrounding towns out of which about 100-200 people even went to the main gate of the facility.

Now, I’ve been scouring through sites and haven’t found any confirmed instance of anyone entering the base which actually makes a lot of sense because Area 51 isn’t joking around when it comes to security.

The whole base is surrounded by CCTV camera footage and the only gate is guarded by military personnel around the clock not to mention that even if someone did get in they would have a long way to go and a lot of security to pass before actually reaching any secret areas.

Whenever anyone has tried to get close too to the base they have almost always been stopped by 2 men in a white pickup truck who patrol the area from atop a nearby hill and send anyone too close to the base away.

These 2 men became quite a popular part of this conspiracy theory as everyone who went too close would either see or encounter them directly.

Again, all these things further point to things trying to be kept away from the public eye with great scrutiny.


personally, I think that this conspiracy may have a shred of truth to it but that it has been massively overblown.

The theories about government organizations and time travel just don’t have enough facts or even speculation surrounding them for me to consider them as valid theories.

The possibility of there being some sort of unknown extraterrestrial spacecraft is quite likely according to me but the only question that arises is that if there was such a thing, would the government still keep it in Area 51 after all the social presence it has gained.

This conspiracy theory may never be confirmed and bother conspiracy theorists for many more years but one great thing this has led to is the establishment of a good tourist market for nearby towns such as Rachel, Nevada.

These towns have many businesses such as restaurants, bars, and gift shops all themed around aliens and Area 51. If anyone has any suggestions regarding this post or ideas for future posts Id love to see them in the comments!

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