24 novembre 2020

The Kingdom of Belhit « Part Four »

My grandfather asked Sumur: « Is there a way I can help Princess Salma and undo the magic and talismanship that has befallen her ?! » Sumur replied, « You will not be able to do anything, but your grandson will do everything since you will give him the blue ring before you die. »

At that time, I was not even thinking about getting married, and after several years I got married to the daughter of the owner of the house and the farm who always helped me and considered me as his son, after that we gave birth to your father and then you enlightened our lives with your coming..a question bothered me and I had to ask my grandfather about it despite his extreme and increasing tiredness …

Grandfather,  why exactly am I the only one able to help Princess of the Jinn ?!

My grandfather indicated to me that I took the ring from his finger, without answering my questing,, I trembled for fear of the ring itself, and for my grandfather that after all these long years and finally the ring will be removed from his finger, and it’s Consequences to his life, I did not want to take it but my grandfather insisted and said: » please  take it while i am still alive! ”

Indeed, my grandfather gave it to me and it was only a few hours until he passed away, I was very attached to him, I felt a great emptiness in my life and if he didn’t ask me to realize his will, i would be wishing to die and follow him up; I feel a great responsibility towards Sumur and his princess “Salma”, a great responsibility towards good in order to conquer evil with all its insidious cunning tricks.

the first night after my grandfather passed, « Sumar » came to me …

Certainly you are « Sumer ».

Saumur: “Yes, I am Saumur. Surely your grandfather told you the full story?”

Yes, tell me how can I save Princess Salma and free her from her prison ?!

“ 1 year from now, it will be the bloody year and it happens once every 10 years. It is a natural cosmic phenomenon made by the Creator, glory be to Him. Rest assured and do not worry.you will know what to do in the right time, The infidel will then take every approach and every path to prevent you from liberating Princess Salma. ”

Indeed, every moment I used to see « sumer » and he always close to me as if to protect me from a imminent danger, but it is unknown to me, and one night I was very curious and found myself asking him a question that almost killed me…

Facts about the jinn and its terrifying world:

Saumur, can I ask you a curious question?!

Saumur: « Yes go ahead. »

Is this your real form? What is the truth about your world (the realm of the jinn)?

“ as you know one of jinn’s abilities is to change form , and it depends on the ability and strength of each one of us, and it’s stock of mercury in it’s blue and red colors, and before you ask me it is not like the mercury that you human have, it is a substance that We the jinn have and store them in wells and rely  our powers on them a lot, and each kingdom is judged in terms of its strength to the extent of its possession of mercury.so It is not my real form,

for our kingdom “Belhit”, it is very famous of having the highest stocks of blue mercury, so it was coveted to the infidel kings of the jinn;  for the difference between the two colors of mercury, blue is the clean pure item, that we Muslims jinn use.

As for red, it is the unclean variety owned and used by unbelievers, and Blue Mercury is more powerful than red. As for our forms, we resemble you somewhat, but with differences. We have eyes like you, but they are somewhat elongated. We also have pointed ears and horns that differ in their size from one jin to another according to their type. Some of us also have wings that allow us to fly;  our lengths, they range from fifty centimeters to ten meters, each according to its strength and type. our colors, including white, black, red and blue, each according to its type as well..

to be continued..

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