25 novembre 2020

The Kingdom of Belhit « Part One »

when I was young I used to see a big ring in my grandfather’s finger, a blue-

stone ring that captures the eyes of everyone saw it..

my grandfather would never take it off his finger.

I am a young man from the Kingdom of Bahrain,i am 19 years old and this is

my story with the jinn( arabic demon ) :

when I was young, I went through some strange and creepy situations that I

was completely unaware of, except one weak.

my story began with the jinn when I was  six year old , I remember that day

very well as yesterday, I was sleeping in my grandfather’s house and it was a

cold winter night , in the middle of That night I woke up scared because the

door got opened suddenly and heavily, and i saw what is dug in my memory

and i won’t ever forget!

I saw a man with white clothes and he was very tall, taller than the trees , he

was going back and forth in our garden , I held my breath from the shock of

what I saw, I could not even yell for help despite my urgent

need to it,  my body froze, I had no trick but to watch what was happening,

and suddenly the man evaporated in the air.

I could not sleep that night, and my body was still trembling and sweat

even if it was so cold..

Finally the morning came, I ran to my grandfather to wake him up and tell

him what I saw at night, My grandfather smiled, his smile scared..

I asked him,  » are you laughing?! » you do not believe me ?!  »

He answered saying: « Do not worry, dear grandson, he is « Sumar » and he

is your grandfather’s friend, and he will never hurts you, so calm down. »

Despite my young age, i had 21 questions in my mind , I  could  not get it

out and I could also not find answers for them..

who is that sump, and how would such a thing be a friend to my grandfather?!

and what is the story behind the ring that in my grandfather’s finger and why

he does not Absolutely take it off?  why whenever I asked him about it he

answered me saying: “It protects me from the danger of the hidden world.”


days goes by,  I grew up and i start saying  Sumar every day, I got used to his

presence in our lives, I still didn’t find any answer to

all the questions inside me.

years passed, my grandfather get older and his illness increased, I was very

attached to him, I always stay with him and i do not leave him; One day

when his illness got worse, he called me and said: “Come, dear sweetheart,

I will answer you about all the questions that puzzled your heart. Weren’t you

asking about the secret of my ring that I always wear and do not take off ?!,

and what i told you before about it confused you , and increased Your curiosity

to know how a ring protects me from anything, and what is the secret of


today I will answer you about all these questions, but promise me first that

everything that I will tell you will remain a secret between us and no one

will knows about it.

A feeling of fear was in my heart. My grandfather seemed very serious, as if he

was hiding something dangerous, and that’s why he is making me swear before

telling me, i took a deep breath and promised to him to not tell anyone..

My grandfather grabbed my hand and started telling me his story …

to be continued..


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