25 novembre 2020

The Kingdom of Belhit “Part Three”

My grandfather continues telling the story that tightened my nerves …

One day, I asked “Sumur” about the story of the ring that is in my finger, and the secret behind the determination of the infidel jinn to kill me when I took it off my finger.

he took a deep breath full of pain and said: “Well, I will tell you the story of the blue ring and the kingdom of Belhit.”

The story of the Blue Ring and the Kingdom of Belhit:

About 600 years ago, we, the Muslim jinn, had the most powerful kingdom known in time and history of our world, “the world of the jinn”, which is located in Babylon.

it was governed by powerful and fair king called « king sabour », he was able by his power and wiseness Uniting Muslim tribes And gathered them under the banner of Islam and monotheism, he wouldn’t leave anything to hasard, especialy the war..he prepared a very powerful to get ready for any attacks from the unbelieving jinn, who were very interested by the blue mercury that vastly exists in our kingdom.

I was in charge of all the king’s and his wife “Hind” affairs.  the king loved his wife so much, and the fruit of their love was the beautiful princess “Salma”,  she was so beautiful.

when she grew up, the king “ Sasan” of the infidels jinn’s kingdoms,  sent a messenger asking to marry our king’s only daughter, who was famous for her beauty, tenderness and sweetness.

King “Sabor” immediately burned the message in front of the messenger, and dictated an oral message : “Tell your king that we do not marry our daughters to the unbelieving infidels.”

The “King Sasan,” got an  incomparable anger ,  and after a short time we received news from our reliable sources that he was preparing a poweful army, and that he wanted to fight us because of refusing his marriage request.

“King Sabor” prepared to meet him, and the victory was ours in This bloody battle; But we did not got safe from his evil, he did not died, but he became more evil and angry at us, so he used mankind magicians that perform black magic , also he was able to unite the tribes and kingdoms of the infidel jinn in his side, plus he was very cunning and malicious.

with the help of a witch, a black magic’s master, to prison Princess Salma, in the Blue Ring; King Sabor turned upside down, grieving his only daughter.

He did not give up, keep trying to find a way to save his imprisoned daughter, but all his attempts were unsuccessful, as the magic mastered by the witch was so strong.

From his shrewdness he was preparing a great army that the tribes of the jinn had never seen before, taking advantage of the Preoccupation of King Sabor to search for a ways to save his daughter, and he had used the magicians to conceal his plan and intent towards what he was preparing; And it is only a few days he returned to the Kingdom of Blhet with a huge Army,the but of king « Sasan » is killing « Sabor »  and his wife Queen « Hind » Unlike the hundreds of thousands of Muslims jinn who sacrificed their lives to save their land ,but sadly few survived And they went hide in the mountains.

the king ask me before his death to take care of his only daughter, and I was able to smuggle the ring with the help of a human, he was a friend of mine. he was able to touch the ring, but no jinn could do it, because the fear of getting burned..we were able to take it away from them,and we went by a ship but the king knows about it, and destroy the ship.

from that moment I was waiting near the ring after it became stable in the depths of the sea until the moment you came and picked it up and put it in your finger, and for this reason none of them “the infidel jinn” could harm you that day Because you wore the ring that the Princess Salma is stuck in;

I also look forward to the moment when my young princess, Salma, is liberated and manages to bring together the Muslims jinn again and restore the glories of the kingdom of Belhit again,  following the path of her father and grandparents.

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