27 novembre 2020

The Kingdom of Belhit “Part two”

The secret behind the blue ring:

The story started, my dear grandson, about fifty years ago,I was very young.

I was traveling with friends in a big ship, from ocean to another, we were spending every season in diving to collect pearls from the sea.

and by the end of each season we return to our homes In Kuwait, the owner of the ship pay us after selling the collected pearls .

while diving looking for pearls as every day, my eyes saw something bright deep on the sea, i found the ring that  you always asked me about..

after boarding the ship, and after delivering what the pearls collected, I sat to clean it, and got stunned by his sight, as you see his shape is striking.

I put it in my finger, and after we ate and performed the prayer we sleep deeply because we were so exausted.

we only woke up after hearing  loud calls from the shipowner..he was calling for help like if he was drowning.

We ran  to him to save him and despite our speed and examination of the source his voice, we could neither find nor save his life.

sadly we lost the owner of the ship, our old friend who has long been upon us and advised us with his wise words;

A few moments later each of my friends got pulled one by one towards the water, as if a hidden thing dragging them by their legs to the water.

I tried to catch and save any of them but i couldn’t, I started calling and shouting at them but it was too late.

I found myself on the ship alone, trembling, where are my friends and what happened to them?

couldn’t believe what just happened, was it real or just a dream?!

i start hearing scary laughs that really terrified me, then a huge fire shows up over the water and start approaching the ship and start burning it.

I realized that it is the end. i sat on my knees and start crying while praying god to help me.

My whole body was trembling, sweat covered every cell in my body. My heart beats’ accelerated and my breath increased.

God sent his mercy to me,strong winds came and the laughing sounds changed to sounds of torture and pain.

then a man with white clothes shows up and called me by my name and Assured me and told me to not fear!

How can’t i be afraid and him showing up like that to anyone in the globe will give him a heart break?!;

The ship was completely burned, That man carried me and flew in the air.

I found myself lying on the beach and the sound of an old man woke me up. He took me to his house took care and fed me, he tried to find out What happened to me in order to alleviate my condition.

so I told him that I was on a ship in the sea and bad weather made our ship sank and i survived by a great miracle, I did not tell him the rest of the story because he certainly would not believe me since i still not believing what happened;

that night I dreamed of the same man with white clothes, he told me that he is from the Muslim jinn’ and there absolutely no reason to be afraid of him, and that starting from this moment I will see him everyday.

the most important thing, he warned me about the consequence of taking off the blue ring from my finger, removing it will cost my life.

the bad jinn waits for me, and is waiting for the decisive opportunity of removing the ring from my finger; I stayed for a long time with the old man,  he had a farm that he could not work on it because of his old age, so I was like his son , as he only had a single beautiful girl, his home and farm were here in Bahrain, I never thought to Return home (Kuwait) for the fear people questioning about the shipowner and my friends.

“Sumur” visited me every night, so I got used to his existence in my life, and one night I asked him about the secret behind the blue ring and why i shouldn’t take it of my finger ?!


to be continued..

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